Create a Comfortable Bathroom

Bathroom CabinetBathroom is an important house’s part that is not often looked after by homeowners well so this area becomes humid and stuffy and makes bacteria develop and grow up fast. This situation makes homeowners feel uncomfortable when using their bathroom.

Well, stop ignoring your bathroom from now on and start creating a comfortable bathroom so you and your family feel comfortable inside. How? Apply several tips below:

Pay attention to plumbing system

You need to know that if plumbing system in this room is not installed well, there is big possibility for you to deal with clogged toilet and/or leaked pipe. Therefore, make sure that you have good plumbing system.

In contrast, if you get plumbing problem and need help, hire reliable and professional plumbers like provided by Handybook plumbing to overcome the problem. Handybook also provides experienced and skilled cleaners and handymen to help you clean and assemble your house if you need.

Choose the right flooring

The right type of bathroom flooring is ceramic or tile. Remember to choose floor that has rugged surface. This is important to do so you can minimize the risks of slipping and even falling down in bathroom, especially if you live together with your parents.

In addition, you are also strongly suggested to provide mat and slippers to clean and protect your feet.



Install some windows

To make bathroom have good air circulation and avoid getting humid and stuffy, install some windows. Ideally, you can install two or three windows in this room. Open those windows if you don’t use bathroom anymore so air can circulate. You can also hang air freshener to fresh and get good atmosphere in this area.

Put bathroom cabinets

Making your bathroom look tidy by putting bathroom cabinets is a must so you and your family can store bathroom amenities (toiletries), such as: toothbrush, soap, brush, etc. Choose either stainless steel or wooden cabinets that are not too big so bathroom looks wider. Don’t forget to provide a trashcan so you and your family don’t throw trashes, like shampoo and soap packaging carelessly.

Last but not least, repaint your bathroom’s wall with fresh colors, like green, blue, and/or orange and hang a decorative mirror to beautify bathroom’s appearance.

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