Things to Consider Before Deciding to Divorce

Divorce AttorneyAccording to Spanier and Thompson, divorce is a reaction to a relation that does not run smoothly and is not a disagreement to marriage institution. Meanwhile, Ahrons and Rodgers stated divorce is a disturbance in household life, in which can cause deep feeling and lose family member.

Yup, divorce is one of the worst parts in life that often happen when married couple feels uncomfortable and unhappy with their household life. If you also plan to divorce your spouse, please think twice because you probably regret sooner or later. Besides, consider several things below before making final decision:


You need to know that divorce bring a big impact either good or bad in your life. Some bad impacts that you might face are getting psychological pressure, ruining your image, and dealing with financial problem, especially if you only rely on your spouse’s income. The worst impact is there is a big possibility for you to be stressed out or sick. You need to know that Emma Thompson, Halle Berry, and Nicole Kidman who are Hollywood actress admit that they feel depress after divorcing.

Ask yourself whether you are ready to face those things.

But wait! If divorce has bad impacts, there must be some positive impacts too, right? Yes! For example if during your marriage life, you feel like you are in hell. Then, divorce is a ticket to get out of it. Unfortunately, I rarely see people who are that happy after divorcing. Therefore, think wisely.


If you have children, you have to think about them. Realize that divorce brings negative effects for your children’s psychological and mental, especially if you and your spouse start ignoring them because of handling the divorce case. Don’t forget to think about children’s life in the future and also ask yourself, can you raise and look after your children alone? Can you fund children’s tuition fee? Furthermore, think about children’s happiness too.

If you are really sure and ready with all divorce’s consequences already, don’t forget to hire the right attorney to defend and win your divorce case in the court. If you live in Scottsdale, you are highly suggested to hire Scottsdale divorce lawyers from Hildebrand Law.

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