Toolboxes are valuable storage options for anyone who loves to tinker or just work on cars. They are made from steel and include several storage options. They come in all shapes and sizes for those smaller jobs that just need a portable toolbox as well as larger toolboxes for mechanics who work on multiple vehicles every day. The Waterloo toolboxes at have tremendous quality.

They have all of the smaller and larger toolboxes for an affordable price. The thing that people like most about these particular toolboxes is the high quality of their construction. They are made from thick steel and aluminum with powder coating so that the paint doesn’t chip. They also have heavy ball bearings so your drawers won’t break and you can also store all of your heavy duty tools.

One of the things that toolbox owners look for is multiple drawers with a lightweight construction that is very portable and economical without cutting down on quality. With steel construction, it’s incredibly easy to move toolboxes no matter what you’re putting inside of the toolbox. Waterloo toolboxes come in various sizes including combination chest and cabinets.

The popular 41″ toolbox is particularly robust with a ton of features from the fine steel construction to 75-lb ball bearing slides and patented Posi-Latch, which really helps to keep drawers in place particularly when you’re moving it from one location to the next.

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