Disadvantages of Using Carpet Flooring

Carpet ProblemsAre you keen on installing new flooring at home? Perhaps, you are going to choose carpet? Well, using carpet flooring is preferred by lots of homeowners because of comfort and aesthetics. Wait a minute before you make a purchase and install carpet at your lovely house because there are three main disadvantages, such as:

  • Short lifetimeCompared to other flooring types like hardwood, tile, laminate, and vinyl, carpet has the shortest lifetime and worst durability since it is made of fiber, such as: nylon, polyester, or polypropylene. Carpet is expected can last only about 5-10 years. This is the biggest matter that can be your main consideration whether to choose carpet or not. Replacing carpet flooring frequently (like every 5-year) is definitely troublesome and money-wasting.
  • Difficult and costly maintenanceIf you are a busy homeowner who don’t have much time for daily cleaning and maintenance, having carpet really becomes your problem. To keep its beauty and durability, you’re highly required to vacuum your carpet every day, especially in the high traffic. Alternatively, you need to allocate some money to look for carpet cleaning Athens service. Well, it means that maintaining carpet is both difficult and costly.
  • AllergyThere’s probably much unseen dust and stain absorbed on your carpet even though you’ve cleaned it thoroughly by using vacuum or stain remover. This is very harmful for those who have allergy or respiratory problems. Besides, this is not good for your kids because they are still very vulnerable. You have to watch out when you or other family problems get the symptoms like headache and skin itchiness after staying at carpeted rooms.

Hopefully, this information can be useful for you to consider choosing carpet flooring or not.

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