Caster Wheels Roles in a Hospital

caster whelssAside from patients, a hospital has many different things that must be moved on a regular basis. In order to do this in a safe, efficient manner, the mode of transport must have sturdy caster wheels. One example is a portable computer cart. In many cases, a nurse must push the computer from room to room taking important information from patients. The caster wheels on a computer cart must be able to handle the weight of the computer and a large range of movement. A computer cart with substandard caster wheels may not be able to operate in the way it should. Learn about some other common uses for caster wheels in a hospital environment.

Generally, a large hospital has a department where all of the linens and patient garments are cleaned. Many of these items are delivered via rolling bin to the laundry department. A worker may need to push the bin in and out of elevators as well as up and down the halls of the hospital. Not surprisingly, there need to be reliable caster wheels on every laundry bin in order for a worker to get his or her work done in an efficient way. The wheels must turn and move easily so a worker can maneuver the laundry cart throughout the hospital. Some other places to find caster wheels in a hospital are on a food cart, on meal tables and on IV stands. sells casters wheels to medical facilities, restaurants, schools and many other types of institutions.

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