Balancing Work-Life

work lifeSome families live in rural or suburbs for certain reasons. They might want a beautiful and fresh place for living. They might also want to save money on home buying or installment. However, some of the men of the families still work in the city. This might happen because job their dream exists in downtown only.

This then means they need to keep commuting. Besides, some of them are force to go home every now and then because they need to save money on transportation. Being in the same condition you need to start balancing work-life although you work far away from home. These are the ways:

Maintain communication

The main key of a good relationship is good communication. Therefore, do that; keep communicating with family. Make sure you contact wife and children every day in the middle of your busy time in the city. Never run of ideas about what to say. You can just say hello, I love and miss you all, etc. or ask about what your wife and children experience today. In this case, if the signal in the village where your house located is not good, just install in building cellular phone booster.

Schedule time to go home

People who love each other still need to meet face to face although the communication through phone kept well. So do you and your family members. Just convince your wife and children that you really love and miss them by going home regularly. Thus, schedule the time. You can go home at least once a week. For this, you might need to be more frugal to be able to allocate money to go home more frequently.

Remember special days

To balance work-life and to convince family that you never ignore them, never forget specials days that are related to your family members, like your wedding anniversary, your wife’s birthday, children’s birthdays, kids’ first day of schools, the success of your wife’s home business, etc. When the day comes, whatever happens, you go home.

Balance work-life and maintain your family harmony.

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