Hardwood Flooring Maintenance

Hardwood Flooring MaintenanceHardwood floor is considered one of the best flooring options, according to many homeowners, because it has many benefits. First, hardwood flooring is durable and lasts up to 50 years. Second, it requires less maintenance than other flooring types. Furthermore, people can improve the aesthetics of their house by installing hardwood floor because it looks elegant, with its original natural wood color.

Do you love your hardwood floor? Remember, despite the durability, you have to keep up with thorough cleaning and maintenance to keep it beautiful.


The basic flooring maintenance you have to do is daily cleaning. Even though the wood floor doesn’t pile up the dust, you’re still required to at least sweep and mop it regularly. Moreover, if you own timber flooring in Brisbane, it is absolutely important to use a soft broom and dry mop for proper cleaning. Meanwhile, for those of you who don’t have enough time to do daily cleaning, you’ll probably have to hire a janitorial service. Bear in mind to always remove stains and wipe up water spills as soon as they occur on your hardwood flooring.

Preventive maintenance

Next, you ought to do preventive maintenance for your hardwood floor to avoid problems. The initial way is by putting rugs on the doorways and never using your footwear when stepping on the floor in order to keep your floor clean. Then you’re suggested to put pads under the furniture legs and also install caster wheels before moving heavy furniture to prevent scratches. Last but not least, beware of cigarettes that can cause burn marks.


Repair and replacement

After many years of use, you might face problems with your hardwood floors. Termites are the most common one that can make the floor rotten and damaged. To overcome this problem, you’ll have to choose to either repair the existing floor or replace with a new one. Going for the first option you need a pest-control product or hire professionals. If you find your hardwood flooring has been damaged my termites, they likely may have invaded other areas of the home, in which case you ought to contact a professional like Schantz Home Improvement, who can do a thorough home inspection. For replacement, you can take a look at the collection on http://www.zealseaflooring.com/products/bamboo for high-quality options.


If you expect to get well-cleaned and long-lasting hardwood flooring you will have to do the proper maintenance mentioned above, but it will be worth it.

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