Causes of Faded Carpet

Faded CarpetPeople love carpet flooring very much because it’s more durable than tile flooring. In fact, it’s not always as good as they think. There are some problems that often occur and bother homeowners. The most common carpet flooring problem is the faded color. Have you ever experienced this? Do you know what the causes are?



1) High traffic

Carpet surface that has high traffic absolutely will fade fast. Even worse, it causes black marks that are very difficult to clean. Faded carpet is surely the worst nightmare for every homeowner since their flooring loses the aesthetic. Therefore, you really have to beware of stepping on your carpet. Putting a doormat is highly recommended in order to keep your carpet clean and bright. Also, you shouldn’t use your shoes and sandals when walking on carpet.

2) Lighting

Many homeowners don’t know the fact that lighting in the bedroom also causes faded carpet. According to eHow, artificial lighting is a very common cause of carpet discoloration. Fluorescent and halogen lights are two common lightings that affect your flooring appearance. If you don’t use the room, don’t forget to always switch off the lamps in order to prevent carpet discoloration as well as reduce electricity bill.

3) Improper cleaning

Another reason why carpet floor fades fast is improper cleaning. Homeowners who let the dust piling up and ignore to remove stain on the carpet soon will likely find their flooring faded. During the cleaning process, homeowners should not dry their carpet under the direct sunlight because it also causes color fading.  Improper and irregular cleaning will lead to common carpet problems too (aside from discoloration), such as indentation, filtration soil, and odor.

You need to visit a carpet shop soon to replace your current flooring because of discoloration. To avoid experiencing similar problem, buy high quality one and later maintain your carpet floor very well.

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