3 Common Questions about Chimney Maintenance

chimney maintenance5Having a private home is one of the best things in life. Homeowners can enjoy living with family without the need to worry about monthly/yearly payment if they rate. Nonetheless, doing home maintenance becomes the hardest task for every homeowner. They have to make sure that plumbing, electricity, roofing, HVAC system, and all components are running well. Apart from that, you are responsible for chimney maintenance. You don’t want to experience Columbus leaky chimney, right? The following is a list of questions related to chimney maintenance to answer that can be useful for you:

How often should you clean and inspect the chimney?

Regular chimney sweeping is needed to keep it clean. Also, the main reason to do chimney inspection is to detect any unwanted issue quickly. However, many people have no idea about when to clean chimney and how often it should be. Well, there is no specific rule or schedule about cleaning or inspecting chimney. It’s better for you to do it once or twice a year. The perfect season to fix fireplace and chimney problem is fall because you ought to prepare for winter.

Why is chimney cracked despite regular maintenance?

In some cases, people already maintain and clean chimney regularly, but they sadly still find cracks or other similar issues. That sounds bad, right? The owners of house with chimney need to know that there are several causes of chimney cracks. Even though you already do regular and proper maintenance, the problem still occurs due to raining or sun heat. The right solution is using a chimney cap. It protects your chimney from sun, rain, snow, and any other thing.

What to do when finding leaky chimney?

A leaky chimney is probably not as big as leaky plumbing or roof. Even so, you shouldn’t underestimate it. Letting the leaks can lead into worse problems. You have to spend a high amount of money to repair it. Therefore, don’t stay silent when it occurs. Hire a contractor that can help you solve the problems.

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