Balancing Work-Life

work lifeSome families live in rural or suburbs for certain reasons. They might want a beautiful and fresh place for living. They might also want to save money on home buying or installment. However, some of the men of the families still work in the city. This might happen because job their dream exists in downtown only. Continue reading “Balancing Work-Life”

Must-Dos before Husband Goes Away for a Long Time

BIs your husband that busy of working? If so, you probably often feel lonely because he cannot be by your side all the time. The saddest thing is when your husband has to go abroad or out of city for work purposes about one week, one month, or even more. Well, if this happens to you, you shouldn’t be sad. Just know what you have to do before he is going away, such as: Continue reading “Must-Dos before Husband Goes Away for a Long Time”