Causes of Faded Carpet

Faded CarpetPeople love carpet flooring very much because it’s more durable than tile flooring. In fact, it’s not always as good as they think. There are some problems that often occur and bother homeowners. The most common carpet flooring problem is the faded color. Have you ever experienced this? Do you know what the causes are?



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Hardwood Flooring Maintenance

Hardwood Flooring MaintenanceHardwood floor is considered one of the best flooring options, according to many homeowners, because it has many benefits. First, hardwood flooring is durable and lasts up to 50 years. Second, it requires less maintenance than other flooring types. Furthermore, people can improve the aesthetics of their house by installing hardwood floor because it looks elegant, with its original natural wood color. Continue reading “Hardwood Flooring Maintenance”

Disadvantages of Using Carpet Flooring

Carpet ProblemsAre you keen on installing new flooring at home? Perhaps, you are going to choose carpet? Well, using carpet flooring is preferred by lots of homeowners because of comfort and aesthetics. Wait a minute before you make a purchase and install carpet at your lovely house because there are three main disadvantages, such as: Continue reading “Disadvantages of Using Carpet Flooring”